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What Makes Bakeries Smell So Good?

It would be nice, in fact, to say that bakeries are an adult candy store. With sweets ranging from sweet to sweet, their goods tempt us all.

Yes, even though most stores and supermarkets sell bread, there is still talk of buying fresh bread, it is still warm when you touch it and it smells good. Whether it is a baguette, a granary cake, a big loaf of bread, or a soda cake, most of the time, you find yourself eating out when you leave the store rather than waiting until you get home. But there is more fun in bakeries than just bread …

Cakes, muffins, short cakes, donuts … choosing from many bakeries just takes your breath away and the decision is often the hardest part of getting into one. With so many advertisements and magazines urging us to eat as healthy as possible and telling us to eat five meals a day, there is a surprising amount of restrictions on going to the bakery and buying a large donut.

Sure, the amount of calories is much higher than a salad, but the great pleasure of biting into it and watching the jam come out from the sides of our hands and face cannot be beat. And don’t even let me start with the joys and challenges of eating the great Belgian Bun.

However, there is more happiness than cakes and sweets, and that is a delicious choice.

The best bakeries are always busy during lunch and that is because the local staff will be blocking the shop to get the best sandwiches, pies and cakes they can get. Sure, supermarkets offer deals at lunchtime, but nothing compares with the joy of buying a freshly baked hot sausage roll.

A good bakery offers many types of food and this is the key to their success. Although they may have a binding fruit container over the counter, almost all of their customers are there to satisfy their basic food cravings. Whether it’s a big sandwich, pie or cream cake, people are there for one reason – taste. There is a lot to be said about freshly baked food, not only does it taste better, but it compares with the sandwiches made in the past days and there are no comparisons.

In fact, writing this article made my stomach churn … at the bakery!

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