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Is Green Phlegm a Sinus Infection Symptom or Not?

Team building activities should not be boring or complicated! There are tons of fun creative activities to choose from, and many household chores focus on food and drink. Here are some of the best ones.

Making Cocktail

Most of the girls I know like to relax after a busy week at work with a cocktail or two, so the chance to ‘sample’ some of the intoxicating ingredients in the name of forming a team will always be a winner. The fact that you can also learn the art of mixology and get your own cocktail (with professional help) is even better! The business events company Out of the Office says Cocktail Making is one of their most popular team-building activities, just as in all group-building activities there is a competitive edge involved. Let the ‘mixing’ begin!

Cuisine Group

A team building event with a cooking theme that caters for both budding and experienced chefs. The Teambuilding Company runs the event and has a mobile kitchen and areas around the UK. During the activity participants will learn how to prepare and cook food the way it is intended to be done with the help of a professional chef, and eventually you will have the opportunity to taste each other’s lessons. Wear your Masterchef hat!

Decorating Cakes

Cakes have become a new fairy tale cake you don’t know, and what better way to get into action by learning to decorate your cakes. A professional cake maker (Good baker as he is known) will teach you how to decorate fine cakes using colorful snowflakes, sugar strips, silver balls and all sorts of lovely items. You will learn how to make a pipe and how to create a beautiful cake, unlike the creation you made as a child that you may have eaten from. Outside the Office and run this fun event.

Making Sushi

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make Sushi but I’ve never had the courage to try it myself. YourSushi offers Sushi making classes as business events and according to customer feedback is fun for sushi lovers and sushi beginners. During work you will learn to make a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian trucks and hand-made sushi. You can taste it as you go, and be equipped with enough sushi to feed five thousand when done.

Chocolate Challenge

The list of related group activities will not be complete without making chocolate. There are many chocolate company companies, where you will learn the art of making chocolate and make your own chocolates to take home with you. The Chocolate Challenge by Fresh Tracks claims to be the ‘chocolate party’ first event and involves finding a gap in the chocolate box market, coming up with a real product, creating packages and TV commercials and calculating their profit margins – all very much. student!

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