Record-Breaking Light Stream from 1.9 Billion Light Years Away and Impact Earth’s Ozone

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last year 2022 On October 9th, a light stream carrying photons with energy from space telescopes hit the Earth, and experts believe that these light waves came from a supernova explosion 1.9 billion light years away from Earth. 

Those high-energy gamma spectrum waves hit the ozone covering the earth’s atmosphere, causing some parts of the ozone layer to become holes, experts said. According to their analysis, this high-energy spectral wave is the brightest light beam ever to hit Earth. Even given the name ‘brightest of all time’ – ‘BOAT’. 

Last month, scientists have been studying that impact for almost a month. Now, they say, the ionized particles left behind by the impact are found in the upper atmosphere and near some ozone molecules. 

Scientists from the Rome Institute of Space Science, who noticed this process, said that they noticed that the impact created small holes in the ozone layer and that the ozone layer automatically repaired itself within a short period of time. It was detected just minutes before the ozone layer was patched that the hole was caused by high-energy gamma rays. 

As we all know, the ozone layer is a large layer provided by nature that protects the earth and is located 10-25 miles above the earth’s surface. In recent years, experts have noticed that the holes in the ozone layer above the Antarctic continent are getting bigger and bigger. This is the problem with chlorofluorocarbon emissions. If the ultraviolet rays from the sun, Experts are predicting that if the ozone layer, which prevents such high-energy rays from the sky, becomes thinner, it could be a big problem. 

1.9 billion light-years is a small distance, so it can be said that it is not a big deal to be hit by a small amount of high-energy radiation that has traveled from such a place for a long time. However, if the wave from a supernova two billion light-years away can hit the Earth, then if such a powerful supernova explosion happened after such a powerful supernova explosion in the present Milky Way galaxy. If shockwaves accidentally hit the earth, the ozone layer would not be able to withstand it, and the world would be in a state of extinction. 

Due to the incident spectral wave, some of the ozone and nitrogen molecules in the upper part of the ironosphere can be seen turning into iron. It is known that the electric field in that environment increased by 60 percent. 

Gamma spectrums are high-energy light spectrums, as just mentioned. When they come into contact with molecules in the air, the body they come into contact with is usually an iron ion. Where iron is, there are many cations that are formed by the attraction of electrons outside the orbit. Positive charge. 

If those molecules have been converted into iron, ultraviolet rays and other high-energy spectrum waves from outside the atmosphere. It no longer has the ability to absorb the harmful solar rays from the sun. In this way, by hitting the atmosphere with gamma spectrum waves from cosmic explosions, all the molecules in the ironosphere layer 200 miles above the earth’s surface. For the first time, scientists have been able to prove that the whole layer can be affected. 

The good news is that ozone has the ability to repair holes in the layer on its own. In a way, the electrons from the air that were just released are captured by the iron molecules once again and return to normal. 

Source – Ravisetti, M. (2023, November 14). Record-breaking “BOAT” gamma-ray burst continues to amaze scientists.

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