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In the Windy City of Chicago, the Top Attractions

If you are visiting the charming American city of Chicago, make your time special and choose to stay in one of the best hotels. Chicago has a lot of luxury accommodation to choose from, so do your research and make sure the one you decide marks all your boxes. Many of Chicago’s luxury hotels have state-of-the-art facilities, such as gymnasiums, swimming pools and spa venues, and some boast excellent restaurants. Once you are settled in your area, go out and explore this beautiful city.

What to Do If You Are in the Spirit City

From any of Chicago’s best hotels, the city’s highlights are at the door. Famous for its eclectic music, its Blues legends and its infectious rhythm, the city has some great music venues to go to for the first class exit.

By doing something during the day, you may want to go to Wrigleyville for a fun Cubs football game. Full of joy, happiness and lots of fun this is something you should not miss. The park is second only to the major leagues and has rich cultures and historical legends from all over the room.

If sports is not your thing, a free visit to the city’s zoo should definitely be on the agenda. Located on the great Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park Zoological Garden is the oldest wildlife park in America. A beautiful place to explore, this attraction is for the whole family.

The city is not lacking in museums and is proud to be one of the world’s most famous artefacts. This gem of architecture opens into marble and glass walkways and dozens of rooms filled with paintings, drawings, sculptures and sculptures. This is a direct requirement for art lovers.

During a long day of sightseeing you will need to make sure you keep the energy levels up and that is a good excuse to sample a famous Chicago pizza pie. These are delicious pies, cooked in a frying pan without a handle, and then removed from the oven so that the stuffed mozzarella, tomatoes and meat are baked in the oven.

If you want a relaxing view of the area, why not take a trip to the river? This is a more refined way to see the city, appreciate the buildings and avoid the crowd at the same time. The city skyline is famous all over the USA and there is nothing like seeing it from the luxurious views of the river. Many of Chicago’s best hotels will offer to help you book this trip and take you on board if needed.

One of the city’s most spectacular attractions is the sea. In the summer, golden sands on the lake shore are packed with volleyball players, runners, sunblocks, and swimmers, and they make an ideal setting for those looking for sunshine and a little relaxation.

But no matter how you decide to spend your time in Windy City if you stay in one of Chicago’s best hotels you will definitely have a very memorable vacation.

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