Do Alien really exist?

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There are 40,000,000 Earth-like planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, where the world we live in now exists. The Solar System is estimated to have at least 100 billion planets and nearly 4,000. In addition to these, there are countless galaxies in the universe. Such countless planets, It would not be very acceptable to say that other intelligent life cannot exist in the Galaxy. But our planet may actually be the only place in the universe where life exists. It is possible that there is no life at all. Behind these theories, there are those who stick. So do aliens really exist? And if they exist, how do you find them?

If aliens really exist, they have been around for millions of years before us humans, and their technology and science may have already reached a level that we humans can’t keep up with.

An astronomer named Nikolai Kardashev also had this idea. That’s why civilizations were classified based on technological levels. According to Kardashev, depending on the Civilization Type, what kind of forms will there be? I learned how to use energy to improve. Energy plays an important role in the development of science and technology. As more energy can be produced, they will reach a more advanced Civilization Type. Based on such productions, possible civilization types were classified, and these types are today called the Kardashev Scale. Kardashev mentioned only three Civilization Types (Type I, II, III), but later researchers further divided it into Type VII (7).

So, let’s learn about each of these Civilization Types

Type 0 Civilization

In Type 0 Civilization, in order to use energy, the natural resources on the planet we live in, such as trees, It can be extracted from oil and gas. At this stage, we are still unable to generate our own power and are still dependent on the sun and other resources. This level is also known as the “Baby” Civilization Type. According to the Kardashev Scale, Civilization Types are based on Energy Produced Per Second. To reach the Type I Civilization level, you need to be able to produce at least 10^16 watts per second. According to Carl Sagan’s calculations, my current Civilization is only 0.72. According to the Kardashev Scale, to increase by 0.1, the power generation capacity needs to increase 10 times. Under current conditions, it is predicted to reach 0.72 to 1.0 between the next 100 and 200 years.

Type I Civilization

This civilization is also called “Planetary Civilization”. At this stage, we will have to switch to nuclear energy instead of natural resources such as silos. At the current level of 0.72, nuclear power plants can produce energy through nuclear fission. In nuclear fission, the energy conversion ratio is low, There is a small risk of a nuclear accident due to the release of radioactive material. But in Type I Civilization, it is predicted that Nuclear Fusion will be used instead of Nuclear Fission. (Details about Fission and Fusion are posted on the page under the title “Fission and Fusion Questions and Answers”, and about how nuclear energy and electricity generation work.)

If Nuclear Fusion can be used, it will be safer and more energy can be produced now. If we become a Type I Civilization, we will be able to send spaceships to all the planets in the Solar System, as well as more advanced science and technology, we will be able to cure cancer and viruses and other diseases that are currently impossible to treat. These would hardly have happened in the early Type I Civilization, and it would take about 3,000 years for the Early Civilization to reach Advanced Civilization.

Type II Civilization

In this civilization called Stellar Civilization, the main source of energy needs to be obtained from nearby stars. At this stage, the amount of energy obtained from nuclear fusion used in Type I is no longer sufficient for the science and technology that has increasing energy needs. That’s why the idea of ​​getting it from the nearby stars started to become a matter of possibility. Freeman Dyson, a physicist, drew a diagram called the “Dyson Sphere” that would capture energy from the stars. Dyson predicts that as civilization progresses, energy will be extracted from the stars.

A Dyson Sphere is a shield built in space to capture energy from around a star. As it surrounds the star, it captures all the energy that will come out of it. However, since this issue is quite illogical at the moment, a more likely Dyson Ring has started to appear. This is where the star is mounted in a circular shape and then produces energy. If you come to Type II, you won’t have the energy problems (blackout while writing) that you are experiencing now. We will be able to easily travel to any planet in the Solar System without worrying about being pickpocketed. To reach this level, we still need another 100,000 to 1,000,000 years, so we will continue to live in the great country of Myanmar in this life.

Type III Civilization

This civilization is called the Galatic Civilization and at this level, it can extract energy just like Type II. And the Type III Civilization will be the first Civilization to use Antigravity Devices. After being able to do this, he was able to travel between galaxies using wormholes. After people’s lifespans got longer and longer, they started to get longer until they could hardly die. Life Science, which is extending people’s lifespan, is nearing its end.

In this Civilization, the ability to live forever (Immortality) will not be available yet. However, Kardashev said that he could not progress any further, and believed that this level was the pinnacle of humanity. In fact, the Civilizations after this stage are quite hard to believe, and it is impossible to predict what will happen. However, after other astrologers argued about it, they expanded it to say that there would be 4 more advanced Civilizations, so it became Civilization Type 7. The remaining 4 Civilizations will be described in another post.


At the present time, there may be aliens, If there is no, I can’t tell you yet. As far as science has yet reached, there was once life on the planet Mars.. Holo animals, Not large animals, There is evidence that micro organisms may have been there. Other solar systems may also have planets that support life. Like life on Earth, evolution has not yet taken place and is just beginning. Or is it evolution? But it is possible that they will all die due to life accidents.

Scientists have studied extensively about exoplanets where life can survive outside the solar system. Science only wants to understand more about the planets and stars, whether there are still planets that can support life in the most complete way like Earth. It is not that we want to communicate with aliens, and that life can exist on such distant planets There is no way to do that yet.)

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