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Did Newton really identified the law of gravitational gravity?

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There is a story that many of us know. It was a good news of the famous Newton, while he was sitting on the apple, was found to be found in the law of gravity. When it comes to saying Newton, there is a history of power that influences this story in the head of this story. However, this story does not really happen in terms of some historical records and those close to Newton. So what is the reality? . . ?

The story of the London Royal Society is currently in the current draft records. The account is drafted before the MemoirS of Sir Isaac News of the MemoirS of Sir Isaac Newton, published by Newton’s archaeologist. According to Newton and William, there are dialogs between Newton and William, and the records did not really have apples on Newton’s head. In fact, Newton was able to release the law of the gravitational law when he was sitting under an apple tree in his garden.

Newton’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend:
“After the dinner, I went to the garden, and it was like the idea of being on the ground. Yes.

Before the biography, 1727 When Newton died, he found similar descriptions in the letter by the Nutho’s assistant in the book of his teacher’s life. Archaeologist Edward Edwards Town and Savai, Sweak of Granhamp, also talked about the apple tree, which has emerged in Newton’s instinct.

Another thing that is misleading is that Newton realized the gravity of the gravity, after seeing the apple. In fact, the questions were full of questions and the questions in the heads of Newton. As the curiosity of the curiosity, we have been calculated for two decades and the principle of the gravitational law. It is 21 years since the minimum of 1666, which is 21 years. After that, what element in the universe is drawing one another. It has confirmed a classification of the range of distance, which is directly proportional to the mass of the drague, which is proportional to the squared integers of the distance. Then, three of his popular principles were involved in the same way.

In summary, most of the apple schemes, but the most important thing in Newton’s head was only a belief in no credible. On the other hand, Albert Einstein again redefined the law of Newton over his comparative theorys after more than 250 years. However, more than 100 years later, experts have not yet fully navigated the gravity of the symptoms. It looks like a big basket of apples. . .

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