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Chicago’s Best Free Attractions

Staying in one of Chicago’s best hotels will provide any visitor with the experience of traveling with a convenient location to explore the vast array of attractions offered by Windy City. Those who are less inclined to indulge in the usual ‘tourist attractions’ will want to know that the city has many interesting places that are not intended for tourists, which can be visited for free.

Top free attractions

Any of the city’s many parks and beaches, for example, make it an ideal place to spend your morning or afternoon without spending any money. Pack them on a bench, relax, and indulge in reading or watching people or, alternatively, pack up your seafood and head out to the river to enjoy the sunshine (weather permits!). Some city parks also double as wildlife sanctuaries, which can add a whole new dimension to this type of activity, especially for wildlife lovers.

And when it comes to animal lovers, they should not miss the opportunity to visit Lincoln Park Zoo (yes, the zoo is free!) Or any of the many nature reserves scattered throughout the city, showing some of the most interesting and unusual examples. plant life. Lovers of outdoor art should also go to Millennium Park, where they can view outdoor paintings or, incidentally, see free play on the porch or on the park stage. Finally, some of the city’s suburbs are making an attractive day trip of their own – such as Magnificent Mile, a marketable district, where you are already available if you stay at any of Chicago’s top hotels.

If the weather is bad (they don’t call it Windy City for free) or if you just don’t like outdoor activities, don’t be afraid. Gathering inside your hotel room during a leisurely trip is not pleasant (even when staying at one of Chicago’s best hotels), but in this case, it is not necessary.

Plenty of downtown areas can be visited for free, including art galleries such as Centerspace Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center or Smart Museum of Art. Museums are also available in large numbers, from popular institutions such as the Renaissance Society and the Oriental Institute Museum, to various cultural donations such as the Cambodian American Heritage Museum and the National Museum of Mexican Art. Alternatively, visitors can come to the Cultural Center and pick up free exhibitions and games held there.

As you can see, there is more than enough reason to get out of the luxury of Chicago luxury hotels and take a free day trip around the city.

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