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Bread Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

When I was growing up I believed that there were two kinds of bread – white and brown. However, since variety is the spice of life, there is never another choice when it comes to the type of bread we offer.

Even if you go to a sandwich shop, you are faced with a choice you never thought of before. Before you even choose the type of sandwich or extra filling, you are asked what kind of bread you would like in the following Italian, Hearty Italian, Cheese and Green, Wheat, Perfect and, of course, white.

It seems that filling out sandwiches is no longer the most exciting part …

Since bread is the basis of a global diet, it makes sense to have a wide variety, including a variety of ingredients. This can range from wheat to whole grains to rye. And that doesn’t even matter how the bread is presented as a baguette, bagel or pretzel.

Different countries have long enjoyed different types of bread. Ireland, for example, is famous for its soda bread, while Germany has more than 200 varieties of bread from Graubrot to Schwarzbrot. In fact, one could argue that the love of German bread has influenced the whole world.

In fact, Europe has had a huge impact on world bread with everything from Tiger baguettes to cheese-baked bread from the Continent. Baguettes, granary baps, croissants, hot dog rolls, wraps and bagels have all changed the way we eat the most common foods.

And let’s not forget the whole world. In the Middle East, pitta bread is a staple food. Made with flour, water, yeast and salt, the bread is shaped into an oval package that can be filled with various fillings. Similarly, in India and Pakistan, naan bread is baked as hot, flat bread in a Tandoor oven to produce a distinct taste. Likewise chapatti are made from wheat flour and baked in a metal pan to form a ‘flat loaf’ that can be used for eating soups and sauces. They can also be added to vegetables and meat to become parrots.

Bread does not even have to be delicious! In China, balls of hot bread or dumplings are used as a sweet and savory treat, or dipped in pork or bean paste or nuts and seeds. It is no different in the world where tea cakes, delicious buns and other delicious ‘bread’ are often enjoyed by the people of the world.

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