All the Star in the night sky have already died?

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We’ve all seen it on the internet. There is something you have heard. This means that all the stars we see in the night sky have already died and we are looking at their past image.

The stars, the location of novels about planets and space.. We measure distance in light years. Light can travel at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, and at that speed, one light-year is called a light-year. It means that if there is a distance of one light year, that amount will be reached after traveling at the speed of light for one year.

At that time, when we look at stars that are many light years away, we can see the light emitted from those stars based on the speed of light and how many years it will take. Therefore, it is true that the star that we are currently seeing is not the present but an image from the past. It takes almost 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light from our parent star, the Sun, to reach Earth. Now, if you go outside and look at the sun, that sun was eight minutes ago. In other words, we are looking at the sun in the past.

Although this concept is true, it is thought-provoking that every star we see in the sky is already dead.

The light of the Star

There are about 9,000 stars visible to our naked eye in the night sky. Even so, the entire sky can be seen without city lights, and it is only possible to see that much from a dark spot. All those stars are the stars in the present Milky Way galaxy, and there are no stars two million light-years away.

The Milky Way is about 100,000 light years in diameter. The stars that we can see from there are around ten thousand light years away. You can roughly say that most of the bright stars are closer, and the faint ones are far away. One is that some stars are dim even though they are close to the distance because of their low brightness, and some stars are giant stars that emit more light and shine, so they can be seen well even if they are far away. This is an exception so that there is no misunderstanding.

As I just said, the stars we see are at the farthest distance of tens of thousands of light years. If we look at a star 10,000 light years away, we are looking at the image of that star’s past .. 10,000 years ago. Similarly, if that star dies, we will know it ten thousand years later.

The number of Star died?

The problem comes now. That’s why the lifespan of stars is extremely long. Next ten thousand years, let alone the past thousand years, even if we go back ten thousand years, the number of stars that died during that time would be relatively small. Even if there was, it would be impossible for our eyes to see it. That’s because average red stars like M-type stars are hundreds of billions of years old.

Stars like our mother star, the Sun, can exist for about 10 billion years. How stars burn. The smaller the size, the longer it can last. Conversely, massive stars burn at high rates and have short lifetimes. Even such stars can live for millions of years. There are many main sequence stars that would normally burn for long periods of time at steady state. On average, any type of star can live for at least a million years.

All the stars in the Milky Way galaxy (the most we can see with the naked eye) excluding stars that are hundreds of thousands of light years away. It is impossible for all visible stars to die in such a short amount of time. If the stars we see are billions of light-years away, then it is highly possible to see dying stars. Even when the solar system existed, it was not more than 5 billion years ago. It is an illogical proposition that all the stars that could have lived for tens of billions of years have already died in the less than twenty million years that humans have existed.

How many of the stars you see are already dead?

The most distant star visible to the naked eye is the Andromeda constellation. 2.5 million light years away. This means that Andromeda, where it currently exists, was 2.5 million years ago.. when we humans started using stones and weapons to hunt. If you look through a large telescope, you may be able to see an image of Andromeda from before humans existed.

Star ⭐ Orion

If the very bright star Orion is Betelgeuse, its lifespan is almost over. But even if the star exploded and died, we would still be able to see it for another 600 years. Even the last supernova explosion seen by human eyes was about 400 years ago. It happened in the Milky Way and is known as Kepler Supernova.

In short, the assumption that all stars visible above the night sky are dead is completely incorrect. It is true that light travels very fast. If you think about it, why would these stars have died during the time that light was coming to reach us? It is exactly what we are looking at in the past image of the stars. But since most of the stars we see are stars that can exist for billions of years, it is unscientific to say that all the stars have died in such a short amount of time. It’s less likely that some of the stars we see in the sky are already dead, but not theoretically impossible. As for our people, we are sure that most of the stars in the night sky are not dead yet, so we can continue gazing at the stars with confidence.

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