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When you think of the Mona Lisa, what readers will see is a magnificent painting of a woman with tight lips as if smiling. This Panchi car is one of the famous works of the world-famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci is known to have been painted between 1503 and 1519 when a merchant called Francis de Giacomo asked him to paint a portrait for his wife Lisa. If you look at the painting, you will think that it is simple and there is no strange element. It is remarkable that this simple portrait painting is so famous all over the world.

The first thing about being famous is his/her smile. If you take care of her smile, it will be special. Anyone who looks at the Mona Lisa is wondering whether she is smiling or not. They often argue about whether or not they are smiling. According to experts, this is because of Da Vinci’s innovative drawing method. Even before Da Vinci began to draw, he systematically studied people’s eyes and looked at them from which angle to see which image they could create. If you smile, what will your face look like? If it is an illusion, what kind of shadow on the face, It is reported that he has systematically studied the details such as how to add color. That’s why, if you look at Mona Lisa’s eyes, you will see that she is smiling deeply, but if you look at her lips, you will see that she is not smiling. It is said that Mona Lisa’s eyes are moving as if they are following her.

Another thing that people are interested in is that the Mona Lisa does not have eyebrows. But according to Pascal Cotte, the engineer, because the painting has been around for a long time, both It has been reported that Mona Lisa’s eyebrows have become void due to repeated cleanings.

There is one more thing that added to the Mona Lisa’s popularity. That is ‘stolen’. An Italian named Vincenzo Peruggia in 1911. He committed this sin on August 21. The process is like this. After the Mona Lisa painting was hung in many places in France, Arrived at the Louvre Museum. At that time, the Louvre Museum was relatively lax in terms of security. Prior to stealing the painting, Peruggia worked as a glass repairman at the Louvre. These facts alone make it easier for him to steal the painting. In addition, the two Lancelot brothers helped behind the scenes. The case of Mona Lisa’s disappearance made headlines and became more and more popular. 1913 It was only in December (28 months after his disappearance) that Perugia was arrested by the relevant police. After that, what has changed in the Mona Lisa painting that returned to the Louvre Museum? It became more famous because people flocked to see if it was real or not.

It is because of these factors that it captured the public’s interest and became famous all over the world. According to research by the Louvre Museum, eighty percent of all visitors come to see the Mona Lisa, the owner of the magical smile. At present, this woman, who is too famous, uses accessories with the image of Mona Lisa. Gift items are still sold countless times around the world. .


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