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Smartphones have been around since the end of the 20th century, but they are still popular today because many functions can be easily performed on a screen that is an average of 16 cm long and 7 cm wide. No matter how useful and popular it is, In the age of technology that is evolving every day, smartphones are just a ship that has come to shore. Therefore, there will definitely be new technologies that can replace these things later.

In today’s era, VR (Virtual Reality) machines, Devices that can be installed on the body are emerging. Looking at this, in the next decade, more advanced, It’s logical to think that quality tools will emerge. Then the smart glasses (Smart Glasses) can change from normal size to contact lenses. Now the Neuralink Company is trying to make people one with the machine. Their goal is to implant a chip called Neura Lace into the human brain and connect it to external digital devices. It’s still an experiment, but if it succeeds, smartphones will slowly disappear from the mainstream.

So, as technology advances, more advanced devices can emerge, and it is true that at some point smartphones will slowly disappear like cell phones. .

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